Buying Guides

Please be aware, here is a B2B wholesale site, we only supply to qualified trading clients. 

As a customer, please place your order based on multiple of per inner or outer pack. We reserve the right to either roundup the quantity to inner or outer pack or cancel the lines with loose quantity without further notification due to the following 2 reasons

1. Most of our products are low value products ($1 or under), to survive on low margin low value operation, we utilise pre-packed products to minimise our handling and counting time, it also will save your time on counting. 

2. To make sure you receive our products without damage, we have been working with our factory to put inner box or inner bag on most of our products, on the liquid or fragile bulky products,  we try to downsize outer package to either 12 or 24 to minimise the quantity you need to carry.

Handle of trigger liquid cleaner

We have had consistant issue with trigger liquid delivery, sometimes, even just one bottle leakage can cause many cartons nearby water-damaged. as a result, we might remove the trigger liquid from the orders unless the order is delivered in pallets. (normally pallet will be used for orders over $3000).